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Reopening Your Business? Office Cleaning Services Can Help
February 2, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Office cleaning services can help your business reopening be a success.

If your business moved to work-from-home or temporarily shuttered sometime during the last year, you may be on the path towards reopening your business. Whether you closed voluntarily or because of statewide restrictions, chances are your closed business isn’t looking its best.

Dust and grime have piled up alongside the paperwork, ordering, and daily operations that require your attention to reopen. When you plan to reopen your business, there are some things you should know about the process and how office cleaning services can help.

Decide what reopening will look like for you.

You may decide to take a cautious approach to reopen by bringing back staff slowly and offering limited hours at first. One thing everyone's learned through the COVID era is there's no one-size-fits-all for keeping your doors open as a small business. Talk with your team, your clients, and your leadership to decide dow to reopen to stay profitable and safe.

Start your social media blitz early.

You’ve already established a reliable online presence if your business transitioned to e-commerce, delivery, or pick up to survive while your storefront operation was closed. Communicate early and often about your pending reopening.

Let customers and clients know the precautions you’re taking to keep people safe. Always tell your staff about upcoming changes first and encourage your team to spread the word about the reopening.

Revisit your business model and consider restructuring.

You may be one of the business owners who went straight into survival-mode during quarantine and shut down to stay afloat. Whatever you did to remain solvent may still benefit you, even after reopening your brick and mortar location.

Your 2.0 business model may mean devoting more of your time to e-commerce, re-evaluating your product base, or taking novel approaches.

Develop safety plans for clients and employees.

As eager as you are to reopen, the dangers from COVID aren’t yet resolved, so it’s critical to put plans in place for keeping your team and your clients safe.

Besides requiring masks, establish guidelines for social distancing and limiting groups gathering in enclosed areas of your business. Limiting capacity may be necessary, or having staff alternate days at the office and working from home.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces is another measure you can take to safeguard both staff and clients.

Reach out to a reliable office cleaning service for regular visits.

Cleaning services have hands-on experience with getting businesses ready to reopen after temporary shuttering. At Springtime Sparkle, we regularly perform changeover cleanings following lease termination.

We know how to get commercial properties looking and smelling day-one spectacular. A few things we look for:

  • Neglected areas: we check on top, underneath, and behind furniture for dust and debris for a clean that goes beyond the surface.
  • High-traffic touchpoints: we’ll identify areas of your business for EPA-certified hospital-grade disinfecting and target them at every service appointment.
  • A fresh look and fresh smell: the last thing you want is for your business to smell musty or neglected. We’ll get it not only sparkling but smelling invigorated and vibrant.

An office cleaning service handles the grime - whether from six days or six months - while you’re busy getting all other aspects of your business ready to reopen.

For a one-stop-shop of office cleaning services, reach out to Vineland-based Springtime Sparkle.

We’re New Jersey’s trusted cleaners for homes, offices, and commercial properties. We’ve been in business since 2013, providing everything from pressure washing and carpet cleaning to reliable office cleaning services.

Springtime Sparkle uses hospital-grade disinfectants on all high-traffic and high-touch points in your business.

We guarantee a clean, healthy, fresh-smelling environment for you, your staff, and your clients. To request a quote or set up office cleaning services today, give us a call.